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Do you offer repair services?

At Gold & Gems, we offer Jewellery repair services as well as service and repair for all luxury and standard timepiece brands. We work on the most complicated and delicate timepieces as well as fine jewellery timepieces.

We offer the following repair services & more:

- Custom making/redesign service
- Heirloom & standard jewellery restorations
- Modern & antique jewellery repairs
- Polish & cleaning
- Valuations for insurance replacement
- Pearl and bead re-threading
- Scheduled watch servicing & repair
- Battery replacements
- Water pressure testing

Do you custom make jewellery?

At Gold & Gems, we offer bespoke and custom jewellery design and manufacture services.
Our brand represents; Quality, innovation, individuality & Empowerment and our Expert Designers and Artisans create your vision no matter how detailed or sophisticated!
We We believe every piece matters and tells a story and are committed to creating exclusive, high quality Jewellery.
From the use of high quality diamonds to the rarest gemstones, we believe every detail matters.
From rings to necklaces we custom make anything, as well as, remake your existing pieces.

We invite you to begin your personal design journey with our friendly, knowledgeable experts and we welcome the opportunity to discuss the perfect bespoke piece for you!

Do you offer insurance for my jewellery?

Although we can provide you with a Third-party Insurance Certified Valuation that you can use to obtain coverage, we do not provide jewellery insurance.

May we suggest you speak with your insurance broker for your Certified Pieces valued by us.

Watches under guarantee

Gold & Gems can facilitate the return of your timepiece to the watch company for repairs.

Is Gold & Gems merchandise available online?

Gold & Gems features a limited collection that is available online. Nonetheless, we are continually adding more products.

All about Moissanite

Moissanite is an Ethical Choice Compared to Many Diamonds

To begin with, moissanite is super cool—it was originally discovered in rock samples from a crater, which is pretty fabulous to begin with. However, and perhaps most importantly, it’s man-made now, which is absolutely a pro as you can be positive it’s created in an ethical and sustainable way. If the ethics of the diamond industry are a concern for you, choosing a moissanite ring might be the perfect way to get that diamond aesthetic you love, but with an unethical background.

Moissanite Sparkles More Than Diamonds

A moissanite gemstone held by tweezers in a jeweler's shop.

Moissanite is less likely to attract dirt, grease, and debris than a diamond and it’s also extremely “bright,” meaning it reflects white light beautifully and more than an actual diamond. So, if you’re looking to get a ring with a lot of sparkle factor, moissanite actually might even be a better choice than some other gems, including diamonds themselves.

Moissanite Is Comparable to Diamonds in Hardness

Although not technically as hard and therefore scratch-resistant as a diamond, moissanite actually comes pretty close. At a 9.25 on the Mohs scale of mineral hardness, moissanite is second only to diamonds in regards to gems, and is therefore quite difficult to harm or scratch. If you’re comparing the two and want to go with the one that’s more scratch-resistant, both stones are comparable in this arena and would come out pretty close in that competition.

Moissanite Is Cheaper in Price Than Diamonds

Perhaps considered one of the biggest pros of all, it’s no surprise that when it comes to price, moissanite is going to win hands down. It’s significantly less costly than its other precious counterparts, and because it is so aesthetically similar to diamonds, it’s an especially great options for couples who love the diamond look, but don’t love the diamond price tag.

It would be great to state as follows:

Ethically Produced & Sustainable

Tests as a Diamond

Sparkles more than a Diamond

Comparable to Diamonds in hardness (9.25)

Cheaper than Diamonds

5 Year Warranty Provided